Jashne Aghaze Tabestan
Ancient Iranian Summer
Solstice celebration for more than 5000 years
Celebration of Nature and Season

1 Teer Maah 6372
Shahanshahi (Federalism)

Celebration of the longest day of the year and beginning of the Summer
The beginning of Summer (Solstice): Saturday June 21, 2008

Jashne Aghaze Tabestan commemorates triumph of knowledge over ignorance, light and goodness over evil and darkness, the birth of sun and joy. Traditional celebration of Jashne Aghaze Tabestan involves getting together with family and friends, lighting a big bonfire outdoors, singing and dancing around the fire and sharing food. Traditionally families bring firewood or dry tree branches for the bonfire. Jashne Aghaze Tabestan is celebration of life, happiness, family values, friendship, love and kindness. Jashne Aghaze Tabestan is a community celebration.

Solstice celebrations were a highlight of the ancient Iranian calendar and in many countries bonfires, maypole dances and courtship rituals linger on as holdovers from ancient Iran's past.

Happy Jashne Aghaze Tabestan to all true Iranians around the world
True Iranians celebrate 365 days a year!
It is time for IRANIANS to be True IRANIAN